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The William Kellibrew Foundation Emancipation Day Program

Last Date:

2302 Ainger Place, SE
Independent Church of God

This program will take an in-depth look at surviving trauma in the commemoration of the Emancipation Proclamation. Panelists will focus on the impact and intergenerational trauma in the African-American community from the period of enslavement, to today. Social, political, economic, and cultural conditions left African-Americans vulnerable to traumatic events and environments, often including violence. Disenfranchisement, institutional racism, and the prison industrial complex are some of the issues that have served to further incubate these conditions and raised many still unanswered questions. Based on the devastating effects of violence, how has the historical and intergenerational trauma impacted the African-American community today, especially with our youth? How can we be a change and generational transmission of violence? What is our role today and how can we be a change agent? 

Panelists will include  C.R. Gibbs, Public Historian, Scholar and Author; and William Kellibrew, IV, Humanitarian, President, William Kellibrew Foundation Board of Directors.  Malik Washington, Deputy Director of Programs for the William Kellibrew Foundation will moderate.

The William Kellibrew Foundation is an advocate, bridge and community driven partner dedicated to breaking the cycles of violence and poverty. The William Kellibrew Foundation harnesses and provides resources to both victims and similarly focused organizations through prevention, intervention, education and outreach. By sharing the stories of survivors we give voice to victims, raise community awareness and empower people working to rebuild their lives, families and communities.